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Frank Walter at the Venice Biennale

Frank Walter (1926-2009)

Installation Shot

Frank Walter: The Last Universal Man

57th Venice Biennale, Italy 2017

Congratulations to the artist, composer, poet and philosopher Frank Walter (1926–2009) and the tiny Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda for their stunning national pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale.

Consisting of over 150 artworks by Walter alongside his writings, photographs and other ephemera, the installation showcases the complex life, mind and identity of this enigmatic Caribbean artist. Walter is best known for his gem-like Antiguan landscapes painted on 4 x 3 inch endsheets of Polaroid film cartridges, but also for his cosmic visions, innovative abstractions and genre scenes, both poignant and whimsical, on found pieces of cardboard. Upon his death, a 25,000-page memoir and hundreds of hours of recordings were recovered from his remote hilltop cabin perched high above the island’s Ding-a-Ding Nook.

A mere eight years later, tucked away in the heart of Venice’s picturesque Dorsoduro neighborhood, the artist’s trusted typewriter and a lush tropical garden round out the most immersive treatment to date of Walter’s rich and varied legacy. Hirschl & Adler is proud to represent the Walter family in their effort to shed light on this heretofore unseen Caribbean master.

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