John Moore: Elements
February 24th - March 26th 2011
It is the window that makes it difficult
To say good-bye to the past and to live and to be
In the present state of things as, say, to paint

In the present state of painting and not the state
Of thirty years ago. It is looking out
Of the window and walking the street and seeing,

As if the eyes were the present or part of it,
As if the ears heard any shocking sound,
As if life and death were ever physical.

Wallace Stevens, An Ordinary Evening in New Haven (1950)

Elements that comprise these paintings were taken from on-site notations, drawings, photographs, and other source materials in 2009 and 2010. The paintings are composites rather than accurate depictions of actual places. Initial sites from which the core compositions originate range from steel towns in southeastern Pennsylvania to a former textile-manufacturing site in South Carolina, but the works may also include elements found in other places from mid-coast Maine to southern New Jersey.
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